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6th September 2013

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I really hope DC gets hundreds of submissions for the Harley Quinn thing that are all just Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer getting married.

26th August 2013

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19th August 2013

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Manila Luzon & Jinkx Monsoon

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12th August 2013

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"The director is really kind to me and he told me to call him ‘Totoro’ " - Mana Ashida (x)

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28th July 2013

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Let's Have A Kiki: Salad Sisters - Let's Make A Sandwich →


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Let’s make a sandwich

What’s up it’s Springles, leave a message.
Hey I’m callin’ you back, ooh I’m so hungry tonight !
And by hungry I mean this fridge,
Nothing, nowhere.
So I had to eat those pills and just hoping for some…

22nd April 2013

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apparently fox news specified for their confused viewers at home that “chechens are not caucasian”, which is perhaps the most succinct summary of why it’s a stupid term I have ever seen in my life

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10th September 2012


Moleskine Scenes 2.

Moleskine Scenes 2.

5th September 2012


Moleskine Scenes 1

Moleskine Scenes 1

9th August 2012

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More progress on Sherlock

More progress on Sherlock

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8th August 2012

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Work in progress of Sherlock.

Work in progress of Sherlock.

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